Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning Contractors’ National Association

College of Fellows Scholarship Program

The SMACNA College of Fellows [COF] Scholarship Program mission is to identify and recognize academically talented youth and potential future leaders within the SMACNA extended family and to provide them an opportunity to further their education and develop their talents as future leaders and positive contributors to society.

The Primary Goal of the COF Scholarship fund is to provide scholarships to:

  • SMACNA member contractors,
  • employees of SMACNA member contractors,
  • SMACNA chapter executives,
  • National SMACNA employees,
  • SMACNA Associate Members, and
  • members of the families of all of these groups who are participating in undergraduate studies in accredited institutions of higher education. 

The Secondary Goal is to create a sense of community and support among the elements of the SMACNA extended family by working toward a common goal -- furthering the education of individual members of the family.

Strategic Initiatives: 

  1.  To support an environment for continuous learning and inquiry;
  2. To provide opportunity for the advancement and dissemination of knowledge;
  3. To create an environment which promotes respect, creativity and recognition of academically   talented students;
  4. To establish and maintain a program to advance our mission; and
  5. To maximize and efficiently utilize available resources to achieve our mission.


  1. To provide financial assistance for the discovery, interpretation, and dissemination of new knowledge that promotes leadership, development and personal growth;
  2. To engender respect, compassion and caring in assisting with the academic growth and development of the members of the SMACNA extended family;
  3. To carry out our mission and objectives with integrity and the highest moral standards; and
  4. To use the resources of the COF Scholarship Foundation wisely.

Additional Information and Scholarship Application

For additional information on the scholarship, eligibility and to apply, please download the documents below.

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