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SMACNA advocates tirelessly on behalf of its signatory sheet metal and air conditioning contractors.  Learn about the policies and issues that impact our members, and how you can get involved.

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SMACNA Legislative Process

All legislative policies are reviewed each year by Legislative Affairs Committee.

Prospective legislative issues are to be referred by the Legislative Affairs Committee to relevant SMACNA Committees with appropriate expertise for review; The Committee of jurisdiction will then report its recommendations to the Legislative Affairs Committee for review where a draft policy is then presented to the Board of Directors. In an emergency situation where policy is needed, the Legislative Affairs Committee seeks immediate input from the proper Committee, approves a Legislative Affairs Committee recommendation and forwards it to the President and the Executive Committee for expedited approval.  (Adopted by the Board of Directors – September 30, 1989)

Competitive Market Policies

  • Anti Competitive Utility Competition
  • Asbestos Reform: Medical Treatment and Facilities Abatement
  • Chlorofluorocarbons
  • Clean Air
  • Contract Agreement on Federal Projects
  • Contracting Out Federal Services to the Private Sector
  • Federal Fire and Smoke Safety Standards
  • Energy Efficiency, Sustainability, and Green Buildings
  • Foreign Trade Agreements
  • Independent Contractors
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Miller Act Reform
  • Pension Investment in Public Projects
  • Product Liability Reform
  • Federal Contract Standards Policy
  • Federal Incentives for Solar Technologies and Energy Efficiency
  • ERISA Preemption: Health Care Claims
  • Family and Medical Leave
  • Federal Contract Benefits Standards

Employee Benefits

  • ERISA Preemption Exemption
  • ERISA Premption: Health Care Claims
  • Federal Contract Benefits Standards Policy
  • Health Care Reform
  • Pension Reform Policy
  • Unemployment Compensation
  • Workers' Compensation

Government/Political Reform

  • Campaign Financing Reform Policy
  • Regulatory Reform

Labor Policies

  • Alcohol and Substance Abuse
  • Anti-Competitive Utility Practices
  • Anti-Dual Shop
  • Construction as Commercial Item
  • Construction Liability Reform
  • Construction Safety and Health
  • Construction Worksite Access for the Disabled
  • Davis-Bacon Reform
  • Employee Risk Notification (Policy Expiration)
  • Fair Employment
  • Federal Contracting to Private Firms
  • Striker Replacement

Tax Policies

  • Business Capital Taxation
  • Completed Contract Method of Accounting
  • Estate Tax Penalty on Family Businesses
  • Social Security Rollback and Cap
  • Taxation of Fringe Benefits: Employee Legal and Educational Assistance
  • Taxation of Fringe Benefits