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Get Recognized for Your Safety Achievements

Jan 07, 2021

Safety Survey-1015226300 600x400One of SMACNA’s most essential and popular annual initiatives is its Safety Excellence Award Program Survey. This important program allows all member companies to submit their safety data for inclusion in the critical Safety Statistics Profile.

This report encapsulates all the data received into one document that provides a robust database for evaluating sheet metal and HVAC industry safety performance. Member input is critical to the overall impact and accuracy of this report, because higher company participation rates mean the final report is more comprehensive and of greater value to the industry.

All SMACNA members are encouraged to complete the online survey as soon as possible. Most of the information needed to complete the survey can be found in your company’s 2020 injury and illness records. Sending in the online survey is quick, easy and completely confidential.

Canada member companies are also encouraged to complete the survey and will be automatically directed to their survey once a Canadian province is selected.

Complete the 2021 SMACNA Safety Excellence Award Program Survey. The deadline for submissions is May 7, 2021.

By completing the Safety Excellence Award Program Survey, your company can achieve national awareness for its safety achievements and also gain a historical benchmark to use when measuring future growth.

Additional survey features include:

  • The ability to create an “account” allowing participants to start a survey, save it, and then go back later to edit and complete it. 

  • Upon survey completion and submission, a PDF copy of a participant’s responses are sent to the participant via email.

  • Completed survey submissions automatically allow participants to enter to receive the SMACNA Safety Innovation Award, which recognizes innovative ideas and best practices that advance safety efforts among SMACNA member companies.

View the 2020 SMACNA Safety Statistics Profile.

If you have questions about the Safety Excellence Award Program Survey or the Safety Innovation Award, please contact Mike McCullion, Director, Market Sectors and Safety, at